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For this post I wanted to compile a list of all the resources I use alongside GSA Search Engine Ranker. Here you will find some resources on where to get started as well as the tools I use with SER to keep my campaigns running efficiently. Keep in mind a lot of these services/products aren’t required to run SER. I get asked almost daily what type of VPS I’m using or which proxy provider I am using so hopefully this post will clear some of that up. I will be updating this post as things change and I try out new services/software.

Learning To Use GSA Search Engine Ranker:

Search Engine Ranker has quickly become one of the top SEO tools on the market, but requires a little learning time to get the best results. Below are some great resources if you’re just getting started

GSA Forum – The GSA forum is the best place to go if you’re just getting started with Search Engine Ranker and has numerous threads covering a wide range of topics. The GSA forum also has some of the most knowledgeable SEO and SER users around. Some great threads to checkout when first getting started are here and here.

Youtube Channel – Some of these videos are a bit outdated but still give a good grasp on a lot of the basics. Be sure to search for other SER videos in Youtube made by other users.

GSA Online Wiki – The wiki covers some of the basics, but also features the MACRO guide – macros can be used in almost all fields and can save a lot of time with your campaigns.

Me – If you want to request a tutorial, leave a comment or shoot me a message via the contact form. Please no requests for 1 on 1 Skype training, unfortunately I don’t have the time for that right now.

NOTE: A lot of people can’t afford some of the extra bells and whistles listed below and that’s perfectly fine, but the most important things you should focus on to keep SER running efficiently would be proxies, emails and captchas. (also having a decent VPS doesn’t hurt)

 List building tools: 

GSA Platform Identifier – GSA PI is a tool to help identify and sort links. After I scrape a large list of URLS with Gscraper/Scrapebox, I run them through this software to see which links are postable before importing into link building tools. Instead of importing a raw list, sorting it first makes Search Engine Ranker run more efficient.

VPS Providers:

Having a VPS isn’t required to run Search Engine Ranker, but many users prefer to use a VPS because it allows us to run our SEO tools 24/7 without using our own computer resources.

SolidSEOVPS – This is the VPS/Dedicated provider I’m currently using with great results. I’d recommend going with at least the “Geek” package which is 2GB of ram and should be good if you’re running Captcha Breaker and Search Engine Ranker. I went with the SSD300 package (dedicated server) because I run a lot of tools at the same time and wanted to have more than enough system resources to minimize slow downs. The SSD300 package is overkill for most people and definitely not required – that is just what I’m using. Pretty much any package there should run SER/CB without any issues.

Poweruphosting – Another great VPS/Dedicated server provider I have used in the past with good results and fair pricing.

Proxy Providers:

Having a good set of proxies is extremely important in the success rates you get in SER and other SEO tools. All proxy providers below allow the use of SEO tools.

ProxyBandit – The new kid on the block! Proxy Bandit is a new service that uses a MASSIVE database of 5,000,000 I.P.s that automatically rotate every 10 minutes so you’re constantly getting fresh I.P.s – I will say these are hands down the best bang for buck proxies you can get when it comes to scraping. Even with the smallest 5 port plan ($6.95/month) you’re able to scrape at 50 threads. I’m currently using the 50 port plan because I do a lot of heavy scraping, but for most people a nice 5-10 port plan will get the job done just fine. Highly recommended!

Proxy-N-VPN (use coupon “SpecialDiscount” for 15% off recurring)– I still have a subscription for 50 shared proxies from this service and still use them with various software for great results. – This proxy provider has a pretty big following and some customers highly recommend them. It seems reviews for them are mixed, but they might be a proxy provider worth checking out.

Proxyhub (use coupon “GSAOFF” for 10% off recurring) – Proxyhub use to be the recommended proxy provider for SER users, but unfortunately many users have reported the proxies aren’t as good as they once were. Try them at your own risk.

Captcha Solver/Services: 

A captcha solving solution is highly recommended when running  Search Engine Ranker for best results. In order for SER to successfully sign up and register on websites, it needs to be able to solve the captcha and that’s what these providers will do for you automatically 

GSA Captcha Breaker – GSA CB is a stand alone captcha solving software that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on captcha solving cost by solving them internally using OCR (optical character recognition). This tool is pretty much a “must have” if you’re trying to save on captcha cost.

ExpertDecoders/Humancoder – An affordable captcha solving service that seems to do a pretty good job. I use this as a fall back service if GSA Captcha Breaker can’t solve the captcha, it gets passed to Expert Decoders. Current price is around $1.38 per 1,000 captcha solves.

DeathbyCaptcha – Another affordable and commonly used captcha solving service. Price is $1.39 per 1,000 captcha solves.

Email Accounts:

Email accounts are extremely important if you want to achieve great results with SER; I have tried all providers below and all of them have yielded great results. 

BuyBulkaccounts (Yahoo accounts) – I often switch between this service and BanditIM. Both providers work great and have been equally effective in my campaigns.

BanditIM (MailRU) – These accounts have also been working great for me lately and are also a very affordable alternative to Yahoo accounts.

Catchall Emails – If you would like to use a catchall email, but would rather not go through the hassle of setting one up, this service is for you.

SER list providers:

A list isn’t required to run SER, but if you’re going for high LPM (links per minute) a solid list will definitely help.

1LinkList – One of the best link providers around. 1linklist uses many high end servers to scrape massive amounts of URLS that are automatically synced to your GSA Search Engine Ranker global site list so you always have fresh links every single day. Lists are prefiltered and verified to work with SER so success rate is high. – These guys are some of the most knowledgeable SER users around. They create quality guides to help their customers get the most out of their link lists and also limit the amount of lists that are sold. (very important)

LoopLines Auto Approve Marketplace – This is a new service made by one of the most knowledgeable list scrapers around, Matt aka Loopline. One of the unique features about his service is you never have to download his lists if you don’t want to. Matt offers the option of using blue box real time sync that will automatically sync his freshly scraped list to your copy of SER so you’re always getting the latest lists without having to lift a finger. Check out his website to see everything he has to offer.

Roys SER URL lists – Roy provides non verified GSA SER lists. Basically, these lists are scraped using footprints found in SER and each customer receives a unique list. The success rate won’t be as high as a verified list, but should still yield decent results. Prices are also pretty affordable. This is a great service if you prefer not to use scraping tools, but rather let someone else do it for you.

Other Sellers – This is the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the GSA forum. There are many different users selling link lists, but make sure to check the feedback in the threads to make sure the list is good quality before buying.

External Scraping:

SER has its own built in scraper so buying an external scraper isn’t required, however scraping and importing your own lists only speeds up the process

Gscraper – I still use Gscraper + Gscraper proxy service as my primary external scraper. Unfortunately, the Gscraper proxy service is quite expensive, but allows me to scrape endlessly without worrying about burning out my own proxies. Unfortunately, due to the tool being made in China, the support isn’t the greatest due to language barrier. Even with that said, I leave this tool scraping on my dedicated server almost 24/7 without any issues.

Scrapebox – Deemed the swiss army knife of SEO tools. Scrapebox is probably one of the most popular SEO tools on the market and features an insane amount of free add-ons that are worth 10x’s the $57 price this tool goes for. I don’t use SB as much for scraping anymore, but I make use of the add-ons and other features on a regular basis.

Content Generator:

SER has the ability to scrape and spin articles on its own so a content generator isn’t required, but definitely makes setting up campaigns a lot faster by populating other fields such as titles, keywords, descriptions, etc.

Kontent Machine – This is my go-to tool for content generation and lower tier campaigns. With a few clicks you can produce a campaign that can be imported into Search Engine Ranker that auto populates almost all fields. This reduces the time it takes to setup a campaign by a significant amount!

SEO Content Machine – If you’re in the market for a content generator, this is another software to check out. SEO Content Machine has been highly recommended by many SER users and some say its better than Kontent Machine. I haven’t tried it myself because I have a lifetime license to Kontent Machine and KM does everything I need, but if you haven’t purchased a content generator yet, consider checking out this tool before making your final decision.

Content Spinners:

Spinning content allows it to appear more “unique” to the search engines. A quality spinner is a great tool to have if you’re into SEO and do automated link building. The spinners listed below integrate directly with GSA SER and Kontent machine 

Spinrewriter – Spinrewriter is currently the spinner I’m using alongside SER and KM and seems to do a great job at automatically spinning all my content.

WordAI – WordAI Turing package is said to be the best automated spinner on the market that produces the most readable content. WordAI also integrates with SER and KM, but is a bit more pricey than Spinrewriter.

Keyword List:

A good keyword list is useful for people who like to scrape in external programs such as Scrapebox or Gscraper. The keyword list can be combined with footprints to scrape millions of results which can then be imported in GSA SER for posting

Furykyles Premium Keyword List:  This is a massive keyword list that I use in conjunction with Gscraper or Scrapebox to scrape my link lists. The keyword list comes in different formats and many different languages.

Indexing Services: 

Still testing out services to see which one yields the best results … these will be added soon.

If you have suggestions for services to add, please leave a comment below or shoot me a message via the contact form.


by Devin
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20 Responses

  1. Mark

    ‘Still testing out services to see which one yields the best results … these will be added soon.’


  2. theo

    thanks for sharing before. I got a question. maybe a little out of topic. I got problem while launching GSA SER. Does 64-bit operation system support GSA SER? I\’ve installed gsa ser correctly but my laptop freeze everytime I launched it. I\’ve turned off my antivirus and my windows firewall.. re-installed it. and nothing good happens. any solution? thank you

    • Devin

      GSA SER works fine on 64 bit machines. I’m running a dedicated server with a 64 bit operating system as well as my home machine runs 64 bit so it should work fine. I’m not sure why it would freeze, unless your A/V is possibly deleting an important file when you execute the software. Sometimes, even turning off the A/V doesn’t help.

  3. Tutughosh

    Content Generator:
    WAC – Wicked Article Creator.. You Missed this.. This is really Most Effective for GSA..

    • Devin

      Thanks, I will take a look at it. I know most people use either Kontent Machine 3, SEO content Machine or WAC. 🙂

  4. Anthony

    Im having trouble accessing the site, im getting an error from the host saying it is temporarily unavailable. its been a couple days, any help would be appreciated. thanks

    • Devin


      Yes, its a problem with the hosting, etc and its currently being worked on. People have noticed they’re able to access it from some of their machines/locations while others aren’t. The website/forum is working for a lot of people but there are still some that aren’t able to access it and hopefully that will be resolved soon.

  5. JT

    GSA is good for ranking videos, but for webisted I would recommend it only as a tier 3. For 2nd tier, the better option is to use Magic Submitter. The links are less spammy and it has laso built in captcha solver.

    • Devin

      I’ve never tried magicsubmitter myself, but it looks like a decent tool. I usually create my tier 1 parasites manually or outsource and then use the automated tools to boost those a bit. Just go with whatever tool works best for you. 🙂

  6. Mike

    Hey Devin,

    Many thanks for doing this post, it\’s real newbie friendly and much appreciated 🙂

    GSA Newbie here.

    The more email accounts I use the more links I get – is that right?

    How many email accounts do power users of GSA use at any one time to build links?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Devin

      Hey Mike,

      Glad the post was helpful. Regarding email accounts, no unfortunately, the more email accounts you use does not increase the amount of links you will get. The email accounts are used when SER signs up on certain website that require an email for verification. So SER signs up to the website, logs into the email, confirms the registration, then finishes its posting. Having a mix of a few emails in each projects just helps things a long better. I usually add 3-5 emails in each projects. Now, if I’m enabling the article posting options where I want to sign up multiple times on the same site, I would need an email account for each new registration on the same site. Keep that in mind if you enable that option.

      When you buy email accounts, you usually get 1,000 at a time so I just throw 3-5 in each project unless more is needed. You don’t want to overdo it and throw 100 in a project or something like that because it would mean that SER would have to sign in to each email account is uses and would slow things down, etc.

      Also, catchall emails have been working pretty good for me as well. 🙂


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