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A lot of people know me as the guy selling SER and CB on various marketing forums, but I haven’t really talked too much about it here on the blog so this post is to show my results and give people an idea of why Search Engine Ranker can be so effective.

GSA Search Engine Ranker has quickly become one of the best, if not the best link building tool on the market today. I’ve been using GSA SER as my go-to tool for automated link building since its inception a few years ago. Since that time, I’ve been able to achieve quite a few first page rankings in various niches using SER as my primary tool.

So if you haven’t hopped on to the GSA SER bandwagon yet, maybe this post will help convince you to give it a try.

*note* – Keep in mind this isn’t a SER tutorial, but just an overview. I would like to make SER tutorials for my blog readers, but need to know what you’re interested in what kind of tutorials you would like to see, please leave a comment and I’ll try to put something together.

Use Coupon Code “ImDevin” to get a 10% 15% discount on GSA Search Engine Ranker HERE
Use Coupon Code “ImDevin” to get a 20% 25% discount on GSA Captcha Breaker HERE

Before I go into why SER is so effective, here’s a few screenshots from some of my campaigns to show that SER can indeed bring results:

1st page rankings image 1st page rankings 2 From the images above you can see that not only am I getting rankings from Google, but have a few first page rankings from Yahoo and Bing as well. Also, take note that the PR (Page Rank) of all the domains is a minimum of PR1. This is due to SER having the ability to automatically seek out high PR dofollow links.

That PR9 you see is actually a Youtube video so don’t get too excited .. you won’t be achieving PR9 with any link building software. Sorry!

Keep in mind Page Rank seems to be a metric that Google is slowly doing away with so I wouldn’t put too much focus on that, first page rankings is what really matters.

Use Coupon Code “ImDevin” to get a 10% 15% discount on GSA Search Engine Ranker HERE
Use Coupon Code “ImDevin” to get a 20% 25% discount on GSA Captcha Breaker HERE

Why is GSA Search Engine Ranker the best automated link building tool on the market today?

ser platform categories imageFirst off, GSA SER has the unique ability to post to hundreds if not thousands of different platforms. A few platform examples would be WordPress blogs, Drupal, Vbulletin forums, the list goes on and on.

By having this ability, SER is able to produce a very diverse backlink profile.

You can see from the image that there are many different categories and within each category there are many different platforms. This opens up millions upon millions of websites for potential backlinking opportunities.

This also means if you’re trying to grab some of your competitors backlinks using a tool like, majestic, or any other backlink profile tool, there is a greater chance of being able to automate some of those backlinks by dropping them directly into SER.

SER is able to automatically detect the type of platform you’re feeding it so it knows if its capable of posting to that URL or not.

As far as I know there isn’t any other tool on the market that offers the same kind of link diversity as SER.

Search Engine Ranker Gives You An Insane Amount of Control 

With SER you have the ability to use various “filters” to better control where your links are placed.

search engine ranker screenshotThese filters will force the software to only build backlinks to websites that meet the criteria you set which means if you only want backlinks from PR4 and up websites, you can do that. If you only want backlinks with a max 50 outbound links on that page, you can do that. If you only want to build backlinks from .edu, .gov sites, you can do that.

There are a ton of filters that can be used to bring in the highest quality backlinks possible. Backlink diversity + control over links (filters) is what makes SER so effective in ranking sites.

The more I write this post I’m realizing that it’s going to take writing a novel to list out all the features of GSA SER so I’m going to summarize a few more features to hopefully convince some of you folks that are still stuck using Ultimate Demon/SEnuke XCR to at least give SER a try.

GSA SER Features: 

1) Link Diversity – Can post to an insane amount of platforms (covered in detail above)

2) Link Filters – Have control over the types of links you build (covered in detail above)

3) Automation – GSA Search Engine Ranker gives you the ability to setup your campaign, click start and just let it run. It will go out and find the backlinks, detect the platform, register on the website, log into the email and confirm the registration, submit your backlink, give you a report.

4) Backlink Statistics – Get a full break down of anchor texts, PR, platform type, dofollow/nofollow, unique domains and many other vital stats to better help you optimize your SEO campaigns.

5) Remove Links – Will automatically remove the links previously built by the software. This is good if you need to remove any “unnatural link penalty”

6) Automatic Malware Filtering – Skips over websites that have malware

7) Build Unlimited Links – Start a campaign, set it up and let it build links endlessly until you stop it.

8) Campaign control & scheduling – Set the software to build x amount of links per day to get better control over your campaigns

9) One time fee and updates for a lifetime – The developer behind SER (Sven) is the best in the business and pushes out updates on a regular basis (almost daily). The software is also a one time fee of $89.

I could literally fill up a book with insane amount of features Search Engine Ranker has to offer, but there is way too much to even try to list. If you’re into automated link building and haven’t given SER a try, definitely check it out.

Use Coupon Code “ImDevin” to get a 10% 15% discount on GSA Search Engine Ranker HERE
Use Coupon Code “ImDevin” to get a 20% 25% discount on GSA Captcha Breaker HERE

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’d like to know what kind of Search Engine Ranker tutorials you would like me to create? Post a comment or send me a message via the contact page and I’ll do my best to put it together.

by Devin
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25 Responses

  1. David Longacre

    Hey Devin,

    I was going to leave a comment yesterday, but saw I had to log in with a certian account. I was going to leave a comment just to tell you to change it and sure you will get more comments. Sure enough I came here this morning and it looks like you changed it.

    Anyways I have been wanting to get this software for like 3 months just didnt have the time or urge to buy and learn it. This 10% and nice post gave me the extra step. I will be purchasing this today. I’m excited to use Matthew’s Rank Cracker and find out the competition backlinks and see if it’s possible to gain some backlinks with this nice software.


    • Devin

      Ha. Ya I figured that the Facebook comment system was holding people back from engaging with the blog. I know I prefer not to login with Facebook when commenting on someone elses blog so I changed it. Glad that I made the right choice.

      If you have any questions with SER or need help, let me know. 🙂

  2. juniour

    Hay devin me again lol. Anyways my main main main concern is that some people say building web 2.0’s manually for your tier 1 links will help your site not get penalized by google but then that requires changing ips and so on. To much work if you ask me lol. Other people are saying just use the right settings for gsa and you should be find because no one knows how google will operate so whats your thoughts on this? I am a complete newbie to SEO LOL

    • Devin

      Well there is no way for Google to know if you signed up on a certain website via an automated tool or if you did it yourself. The way they can tell is if you have poor content with spammy links in it, etc. As long as you try to use good content/images and do your best to make it look as natural and real as possible, they can’t tell the difference.

  3. David Longacre

    What’s going on man? Been real slow. Been checking back every week. Have any new stuff coming for us? Looking forward to it

    • Devin

      Ha, ya I’ve been swamped with 3 big projects and haven’t had time to write much on the blog lately 🙁 If there is something specific you’re interested in seeing, let me know and I’ll try to put something out.

  4. David Longacre

    Hey Devin,
    I figured you were busy. All good i like the format of your blog and writing style so was looking forward to some more great posts.
    Well I would love it if you can do a definite guide on GSA. I hear so many good things about it.
    Also PBN’s are all the rage right now any tips or tricks you have on these?
    Finally there are some websites like rank hero and rank source that are selling PBN’s maybe you can do a test see if these work or what your opinion is on these?
    Just some thoughts

    • Devin

      Ok, so some more good info about Search Engine ranker. I have used others PBN’s but have never made one of my own. I’ll check out rank hero and rank source, I had never heard of them but it would be make an interesting case study to by a premade PBN and see what kind of results I get. I’ll look into those sites you listed. Thanks 🙂

  5. Andy

    Hi Devin,

    I’d like to know how to set up a campaign linking direct to my money site from beginning to end. Including getting the content. Not churn and burn but rankings that are likely to last. If you could do this it would be great.


  6. Eric

    Devin I’ve been having issued with GSA that the links it creates they die way too fast like in about three days or four and they are usually dofollow and not with high obl. I’ve been drifting away from GSA because of that do you have any advice for me?

    • Devin

      Do you know what platforms this is happening on? Are you checking them manually to see if they’re going away or are they going away because they’re on pages that move so when they’re re-verified it appears as if they aren’t there but they really are?

  7. GSA Lover

    I Love GSA, for me it’s the best Seo Software i never used before, i just publish on my blog a Free 250K Verified LinksList, Grab it and enjoy , put your GSA on steroid. Thanks for this awesome post.

  8. Mr.RJ

    Hello Devin Sir

    I am gonna buy GSA SER today so if i do buy With your Affiliate link “can you give me something premium as a gift ” i know its weird but i am just curious Thxx , will mail you my purchase receipt or any detail you want to confirm my purchase


    • Devin

      Hi, feel free to purchase from anywhere, you don’t have to buy from me 🙂 I don’t really have anything “premium” to give away at the moment. Sorry about that.

    • Devin

      Nope, not at all. Someone has been trying to negative SEO this blog for a long time now by building mass links with over optimized anchor text, mass spam pages, etc. It definitely isn’t me, but not much I can do to stop it.

  9. shan

    Hey Deven, I just bought SER and Capther breaker form your link.
    Thanks for your discount code:) I have saved about $50 in all.


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