SEREngines – New Web 2.0 Service for GSA Search Engine Ranker

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SEREngines has finally arrived!

What is SEREngines? 

SEREngines is a  Web 2.0 service that integrates directly with GSA Search Engine Ranker via an API and automatically maintains and updates the web 2.0’s on a daily basis. Web 2.0’s are what everyone has been after since the beginning and are loved due to their high PR and first tier link building use.

Sign up here:

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a 1 time fee so maintaining web 2.0’s on a daily basis isn’t possible through GSA. That’s where the third party SEREngines service comes in and saves the day.

Now, for a small monthly fee, the SER users that want web 2.0s can sign up and have them maintained and working every single day. Also, the users who sign up will be able to request new web 2.0’s they wanted added to the software.

Here’s a video overview of the SEREngines service: (watch full screen)

This service is going to take GSA SER to the next level and close the gap between software like SEnuke XCR, Ultimate Demon and GSA SER. SEnuke and UD will no longer have the web 2.0 advantage and by using this service SER will truly be the “king” of automated link building software.

Check out some of the features of SEREngines:

  • Automatically fills out profile details on web 2.0s 
  • Profile images are scraped from Google based on your keywords and automatically inserted into the web 2.0’s 
  • Default “hello world” posts are automatically removed from posts
  • A random theme is automatically selected to keep the web 2.0’s unique and make them look natural

By doing all of the above, the web 2.0’s appear more “natural” and have a much higher stick rate.

If you’re interested in learning more or ready to sign up, go to:

I’ve been getting messages from people wondering where I get the email accounts I used in the video. I get them from here: BuyBulkAccounts

by Devin
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11 Responses

    • Devin

      That can be done directly in Search Engine Ranker. There is an article manager in SER ranker that can automatically scrape content based on your keywords/anchors as well as scrape images/videos to include in the content. Oh ya … it also integrates with a lot of spinners so it will spin it too. 😉

  1. juniour

    WOWWW!! thanks Devin for mentioning this all in your post. Great post by the way man. Just started SEO a little while ago so just looking for a best software for backlinks. I was about to purchase the one time fee but then saw this post lol. I will purchase this one. Thanks again man. Your a life saver man!

  2. Mozie

    Hi Devin

    I\’m really interested in SERengines, was wondering, since it\’s 2015 now, do you perhaps have a list of what engines/sites are supported in SERengines?



    • Devin

      Sure, here’s the current list: My recommendation would be to wait for the new version coming. It’s going to integrate with SER, but will handle the registrations and other stuff in the cloud, then send it back to SER. It should substantially increase success rate and allow posting on sites that are more javascript heavy. It should be much better 🙂


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