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Recently I was contacted by Winson Yeung to be included in his free Backlinks Inner Circle .PDF report.

The .PDF features interviews from 10 very knowledgable SEO’s and Entrepreneurs that answer some of the most common questions asked in the SEO field.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • The most important SEO Stragies to achieve better rankings
  • The single most important SEO Mistake we’ve made
  • How to deal with recent Google algo updates Panda & Penguin
  • Personal Tips and Advice

Who’s Included: 

1) Matthew Woodward – One of the best bloggers/SEO’s on the planet.

2) Terry Kyle – Entrepreneur and owner of forum

3) Daniel Tan – Has created some of the most popular WordPress plugins on the market

4) Brian Dean – Blogger, SEO & Entrepreneur

5) Devin Santos – that’s me!

6) Matthew Anton – Handled marketing campaigns for billion dollar travel agencies

7) Dennis aka Niko – Popular SEO service provider

8) Jacob Hagberg – Owner of Initial Effort, a very successful SEO company

9) John Moore – Successful SEO & business owner

10) Winson Yeung – Extremely successful marketer & the creator of this free .PDF

Each interviewer answers a series of questions sharing their own SEO tips and advice!

The .PDF is 100% free – no opt-in required!

Download here!

by Devin
Make sure you don't miss out!

2 Responses

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