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Today I’m releasing a 100% free software that anyone using GSA Search Engine Ranker will find useful. The tool is called SER Footprint Editor and was designed to help SER users get more backlinks by allowing users to easily add new “footprints” to the existing engines.

*Update* – SER Footprint Editor is no longer needed. GSA has released an awesome update to SER called Footprint Studio. You can now do all of this and more directly in SER without the need of an external tool. Here is a video showing the new Footprint Studio tool in action:


SER Footprint Editor is here and 100% free! 

ser footprint editor

*note* – If you don’t use GSA Search Engine Ranker and don’t intend on ever using it, this software and blog post will most likely not be useful to you.

What are footprints?

Footprints are also known as Google Search Operators. Read more about them here:

GSA Search Engine Ranker uses these “footprints” to query Google which lets Google know we’re looking for a specific type of website/platform. (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc)

For example, if you were to select the Article Beach platform in SER, (Search engine Ranker) inside this platform you will find various footprints such as “Website Design and Developed by ArticleBeach” or “upload your articles and keep updated about new articles”.

By using SER Footprint Editor, you’re able to easily add your own custom footprints to these platforms which gives SER the ability to scrape more potential places to leave your backlinks.

I know this sounds a bit complicated, but it really isn’t.

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of how this works.

 (Best if Viewed in Fullscreen HD)

So that’s it. Pretty easy, right?

Ready to get started? Grab SER Footprint Editor below:

Download SER Footprint Editor


*Note* Keep in mind this is the first public release for this software so there might be some bugs. If you run into a bug in the software or have an idea for a feature, feel free to shoot me a message via the contact page or leave a comment below.

by Devin
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20 Responses

  1. Mouad Skikdi

    I used to use manual edit for earch script , Now , here is Devin’s Solution , Thanks man , always great FREE shares ,
    Dear Devin , is there anyway to get a visual script recorder , I got some ideas and maunal scripting will take some time , it’ll be amazing.
    good luck man


      Hey Mouad,

      Glad you’re enjoying the software. That visual script recorder is actually something Sven (developer at GSA) plans on releasing in the future. It should allow users to easily code new engines. 🙂 NO ETA on when that’s going to be released though.

  2. Rob Anderson

    Hey Devin. Hunar here, I think I found a bug Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong. but when I go to save and I add prefix basically exactly like you did in the video It doesn’t add a space between the engine Modified It would just be YadModified.

  3. Andyveer

    Can we scrape site list using gs scraper only after we get more footprints .,
    if we don’t scrape list using gsa ranker then no need to add footprints to gsa ?

    • Devin

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Can we scrape site lists using Gscraper only after we get more footprints”? You can take the footprints from SER and import them into Gscraper to scrape more websites then use Gscrapers footprint extract feature to try and come up with more footprints which can then be added to more GSA platforms.

      • maecky

        thanks for the tool, it looks really great and i will give it a try tomorrow.
        How can we use GScraper to extract footprints? I can’t find anything about this feature on the web? Do you have / know a tutorial?


        • Devin

          Hi, did you get a chance to watch the first video in this post. There was a new feature added directly to search engine ranker so you can do all of this directly in SER without the need of my footprint editor tool It’s a better solution. 🙂


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