5 Free Tools for Going Viral on Pinterest with Awesome Original Infographics

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The way to win at Pinterest traffic generation is to provide original valuable visually striking content that entices others to repin it. After all, 80% of the activity on Pinterest is people repinning somebody else’s content. One way to do that is to create your own infographic. This is easier than it sounds.

Thousands of enthusiastic people repinning your stuff is the essence of a viral campaign. The genius of Pinterest is all you have to do is come up with something cool, different and visual. Millions of pinners will do the rest. If you don’t have your own infographic, app, template, tool, video, audio or something else, you can write about how you personally benefit from somebody else’s stuff on your blog. Sharing about other people’s cool online content works just as good as posting original information. (more…)

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GScraper Review – Can it Compete with Scrapebox?

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Important – Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend Gscraper. The support is pretty much nonexistant and the developers seem to not care about customers so I’d advise staying away from Gscraper until they solve their support/software issues.

First off, I want to say that I love Scrapebox. I think Scrapebox is one of the best tools anyone can buy if they’re getting into SEO but with that said, there is a new kid on the block that I can honestly say is a solid competitor.


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Free Software – Anchor Text Mixer

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Today I have another free tool.  Since the Google Penguin update was pushed out there have been many new changes in SEO. One of the newest and biggest changes was making sure you have generic or natural anchor text mixed in with your normal keyword anchor text.

It wasn’t long ago when SEO courses would tell us not to use keywords like “click here” or “visit us here” in our anchor text unless we were trying to rank for those keywords. Now, things have changed. Since the recent Google updates it has become apparent that including generic or “natural” anchors in your backlinking campaigns is essential.

This makes a lot of sense because when most people link to you naturally they aren’t always going to use your main keyword or variations of your keyword. A lot of times it will be a generic anchor text such as “read more” or it will be an exact URL. (http://www.yourdomain.com) (more…)

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GSA Captcha Breaker – GSA CB Review & Breakdown

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GSA Captcha Breaker (GSA CB) Review and Breakdown:

 UPDATE: CB is now capable of solving Mollom captcha at around 50% and is the only captcha solver on the market that is able to do this.

We all know that captcha solving can add up quickly when running automated SEO tools. Most of us have to pay anywhere from $1-$8 per 1,000 captcha solves when using popular captcha services such as decaptcher, deathbycaptcha and many others.

There are so many fantastic SEO tools that require captcha solving (GSA Search Engine Ranker, SEnuke XCR, SErobot, etc) the list goes on and on. If you use any of these tools, you know that captcha cost will start to add up fast.

By running a software such as GSA Captcha Breaker, you can significantly reduce your captcha cost. (more…)

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Where to Get Eye-Catching Stock Photos For Free or Cheap

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The awesome image above that I used to draw attention to this post is a 100% free public domain stock photo.

You can see how the image goes perfect with the title of this post, “Where to Get EYE-CATCHING Stock Photos For Free or Cheap”.

Using stock images like the one above are a fantastic way to draw attention and add some “spice” to what would normally be a boring wall of text in your articles.

Whether you work online building websites, writing articles or selling products – most likely, at some point you”re going to be in the market for high quality stock photos. Unfortunately, if you go to Google and type in “stock photos” you will get bombarded with websites that charge insane amounts of money for the rights to use their images.

This is why I felt the need to compile a list of the best free or cheap stock photo websites I could find.

Keep in mind this post is a work in progress and I will continue to add to the list as I come across more sites in the future. (more…)

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Free Software – Ultimate Comment Scraper

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Gotta Love Free Software!

Are you looking for an easy way to scrape thousands of relevant comments directly related to your niche? Well, today is your lucky day! As a celebration for my new blog I”ve decided to make one of my most popular tools a freebie for all my blog readers.

There is no catch, no opt-in, nothing to sign up for – the tool is 100% free. Not only that, but you”re welcome to give it away to your own blog readers, share it on forums or give it away as a freebie for your own products.

What is Ultimate Comment Scraper?

Ultimate Comment Scraper is a tool designed to make creating niche related comments a lot less time consuming. It does this by using Yahoo Answers, Twitter and Youtube API”s to scrape questions, comments and tweets related to your keywords.

Anyone who does blog commenting knows how tedious and time consuming it can be to write out blog comments for each of your niches. This is the reason why Ultimate Comment Scraper was created. (more…)

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